Since August 2013 following the announcement that TV Lionsgate bought the rights to produce a TV series for Crossfire, the fans have been buzzing waiting for news, which is a very slow process. Below are few things we already know about the series.

Lionsgate is a film group that has grown increasingly in recent years, in theaters they’re best known films are the Twilight Saga and Hunger Games, both sales of books and box office. On TV, Lionsgate usually produces series broadcast on a premium cable network or a subscriber service like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, which Day says would be perfect for the sexually explicit romance. Some of the most famous and well produced are, Mad Men, Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie and Nashville.
Book to movie adaptation has become more popular. Like OITNB it was based on the book Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.
Sylvia has said in interviews that she has no power over the actors who will make the characters come to life, and they are unknown actors but she’s the executive producer therefore revises the scripts. She recently had an interview on Good Morning Texas where  they asked who she would like to play the characters. She said that she would like Henry Cavill and Scarlett Johansson to play Gideon and Eva. While working with the producers she will remind them of things that she knows as the writer, being very well connected to the fandom of this series, of iconic things: clothing, lines of dialogue, locations, things that they couldn’t change because readers would immediately revolt. She promised to protect her fans’ favorite moments of the series.The 1st season had included throughout the book 1, Bared To You, and also according to the author it’s going to be an erotic story. And she doubts it’s going to be any more graphic than what you see on Game of Thrones.
The important thing in a series is who produces it, not the cable network itself, the network that purchase this ready-made series or order a pilot. Depending on the network to buy the exhibition rights, it may be that the series will be watched online.

With #CrossfireTV producers Jeremy Bolt and Stephanie Johnson.

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There hasn’t been much reported that the series but it has a screenwriter and a director, but no name was disclosed. Recently Sylvia Day posted a photo on her instagram saying she was with Crossfire TV producers.
The producers in the photo are the people who brought the project to Lionsgate TV, and I’ll tell you little more about what they’ve done in the theaters. 
Jeremy Bolt of Impact Pictures is best known as producer of the Resident Evil franchise, but has on his resume a long list of productions. He head of the Crossfire project for TV and also Beautiful Bastard film of the authors Christina Lauren. To see his complete filmography go to IMDb or Wikipedia.
Stephanie Johnson of Clover Entertainment, Inc doesn’t have much information on the internet about her. IMDb says she was the Assistant Editor on films like Inglourious Basterds, Kill Bill 1 and 2, Django Free and Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift. To see complete filmography go to IMDb
When I know more information about the books or the TV Series I’ll update you :)