It’s Sylvia Day’s birthday day and she gave us a gift! She shared another new Scene from Chapter 1 ?

A fan asked Sylvia if we would be getting another snippet just to carry us through until April 5th. And she said 2 more! So we should expect one more before April!

The scene is with Eva talking to Victor and Gideon comes and saves the day ?

Chapter 1 Excerpt 6

When my first break came around, it was still early in Oceanside, California, so I texted my dad instead of calling.

Let me know when you’re up, k? Need to tell you something. And since I knew that being a cop as well as a father made Victor Reyes a worrier, I added, Nothing bad, just some news.
I’d barely set my phone down on the break room counter to get a cup of coffee when it started ringing. My dad’s handsome face lit up the screen, his photo showing off the gray eyes I had inherited from him.


I was suddenly struck with a case of nerves. When I reached for my phone, my hand was shaking. I loved both of my parents a lot, but I’d always thought that my dad felt things more deeply than my mother. And while my mother never hesitated to point out the ways I could fix my flaws, my dad didn’t seem to realize I had any. Disappointing him…hurting him…it was brutal to think of it.


“Hey, Dad. How are you?”


“That’s my question, sweetheart. I’m doing the same as usual. How ’bout you? What’s going on?”


I moved over to the nearest table and took a chair to help myself calm down. “I told you it wasn’t bad and you still sound worried. Did I wake you up?”

“It’s my job to worry,” he said, with warm amusement in his deep voice. “And I was gearing up for a run before I head in for the day, so no, you didn’t wake me. Tell me what your news is.”

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Sylvia has asked for us to share a link to the excerpt .Is it April 5th yet?!?